Quality CBD Supplements

Quality CBD Products Are Based on Science

Dr. Dan Sliva, Ph.D, Molecular Biology and Genetics, is a former scientist at Indiana University School of Medicine, and is the Founder of DSTest Laboratories, Purdue Research Park, Indianapolis.

According to Dr. Dan, there’s a few things to consider about CBD supplements.

1. THC gets you high, CBD doesn’t.

Despite what many people have written, no, CBD will not make you high. While both THC and CBD are cannabinoids, THC is the psycho-active compound that creates the “high” associated with marijuana. CBD has an entirely different effect on the body.

2. The FDA is becoming more involved

The FDA recently issued a statement from commissioner Scott Gottlieb  M.D., clarifying the next steps for evaluating the regulatory pathways for CBD. They’ve also scheduled a public hearing on May 31, 2019 and have made it easier for researchers to conduct studies on CBD. It’s clear that CBD supplement products will need to be tested, high-quality, and must be science based.

3. CBD is safe and non-habit forming

While the FDA has not formally made statements for CBD’s safety, the World Health Organization (WHO) provided data, and stated a position, that pure CBD is safe for consumption.

4. Know what you’re buying

Since the FDA has not set standards for quality, content and marketing, it’s important that consumers research the products their buying. Yet industry experts suggest a few best practices.

It’s a good idea to buy from providers that have independent third-party testing, including bioactivity testing.

Dr. Dan’s HemPower CBD Supplements are the only quality CBD products developed and tested with science by Ph.D. scientists. HemPower is supported by several kinds of testing, including bioactivity on the molecular scale.

The 2018 Farm Bill paved the way for businesses and consumers to get more involved with CBD. All indications point to a robust industry that is rapidly growing Everyone will be watching the FDA to see how they proceed in regulating the market – and increasingly will be looking for products that are fully tested for bioactivity on a cellular and molecular scale .

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